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The Locksmith Academy is a comprehensive training program that equips you with the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to quickly become a proficient, certified, and high-earning locksmith in the automotive industry.

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Kickstart Your Lucrative Career As An Automotive Locksmith!

My system solves the problem of buying poorly suited training content. It’s never fun to waste your money and time on the wrong purchase. My system is adaptive and customizable. Our library of content will forever grow, as we always have to cover new equipment, cars, etc.

So you want to take advantage of the automotive locksmith’s growing and generous industry…

You want to have a solid and exciting career, be your own boss, and have unlimited income potential.

However, you are doubting yourself because you have literally ZERO experience on the field.

The Locksmith Academy will teach you all you need to know about the ins and outs of automotive locksmithing.

Inside The Locksmith Academy, you will be given a step-by-step guide on how to kickstart your lucrative career in automotive locksmithing.

Aside from that, you will discover the “secret” strategies, hacks, and tactics employed by the top 1% of locksmiths in the automotive industry.




I struggle with defining myself. Not to try to come off as contrary or cool but as to say, “Who am I?” I ask myself this question every day. I am someone that has defied odds and expectations, my whole life. I grew up in Columbia, Missouri, which is almost the dead center of the continental United States. I had an unusual childhood and youth, full of love, fun, drama, heartache, happiness and hatred. I realized at a young age that there is no such thing as normal and predictable. I learned that I should always try to prepare for the unexpected.

I hadn’t done anything notable, since graduating from high school. As a matter of fact, I skirted through high school with the absolute minimal amount of effort required. I hated school yet teachers loved me. I was a great learner. I didn’t get that at that time. I barely turned in assignments or did coursework. I used tests to keep my grades above failing. I felt I had, “better things to do than school.” I also felt low of myself. I thought I had no greater potential to contribute to the world. So why even try?

I got tired of feeling this way, at around the age of 21 years old. My friends only cared about women, partying and getting high. I grew bored. I wanted change. So I went to the USMC recruiters and signed my rights away to the Government. Before I was to leave for basic, My recruiter needed to assess if I was a viable recruit candidate. He gave me a preliminary-ASVAB test(Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery). I scored a 95. My friend who came with me, failed and they disqualified him on-the-spot. My recruiter handed me a sheet of every job in the Marine Corps for enlisted men, and said, “Take your pick. You’re the highest test-result I’ve had. Sure you didn’t cheat?” I chose ambassy-guard. That would help me become an FBI agent, my dream job. Two weeks later I committed a felony-crime. The Marine Corps dream disappeared, and I then faced a far graver-situation.

After weeks in county jail and months of litigation, I plead guilty to having drunkenly fired my .380 auto into a vacant parked car, disposing of the pistol into a lake and overall being a huge douchebag for most of my life. There I was financially and emotionally draining my parents, facing 15 years in prison and being looked upon as an armed and dangerous criminal. My life needed desperate change. To this day, I believe that committing that felony: has still been the greatest mistake of my life. I learned a lot about myself from that crime.

I was forced into probation after sentencing. The courts rightfully threw me into every program available. I feel the prosecutor disliked me and wanted me to earn the privilege of freedom. My prosecutor is now one of my heroes and greatest influencers; Fore he made my journey difficult and tedious. I went through rehab and substance-abuse classes, anger management, 500 hrs of community service and so much more. From all of that, I learned how to dissect myself and observe my feelings and question myself before acting.

“Why do I do things, as I do them? Why do I not seek alternative routes? Are there options that I have missed and if so, what might be different of the outcome?”

I carry the curse of my mistake with me always. My curse is also a gift. I feel I am a keener observer now. I am never complete. I am always trying to improve now. I practice living by a rule:

Expecting nothing yet prepare for everything.

As a younger man, I let my future-self down. For this reason, I am also a man that tries to prove every day, he is worthwhile. As I grew from my youthful ways, I learned locksmithing. I fell in love. There is always a new skill to learn or to attempt to learn. There are always new locks, cars, new tools and machines to study. Within the micro-verse of locksmithing, there is simply too much information to take in. It is easy to fall into the “blackhole of information,” and get lost. Within this new microcosm, I found a world to escape into. I found happiness and a means to truly explore who I really am inside. I found me.

Most of my life, pre-dating the felonious-event, was spent barely trying at anything. I had every opportunity to succeed in my life, yet never tried. Now suddenly faced with the fact and stigma that I am forever a felon; I felt my options were truly bleak now. I had to find something, anything, that could help me spare my future from being a complete waste of my time. I chose locksmithing. I figured if I failed probation, I could at least escape prison and run for Mexico (100% truth). However, the moment I explored “How to pick locks,” on YouTube, I fell “down the rabbit hole,” and never stopped learning. Not even to this day.

I am someone who can show you how to learn from mistakes. I am proof that through mistakes, come lessons. I am a living example of a man that succeeded in the security field, after nobody would hire him. Not even Wal-Mart. Failures may be steppingstones to your success, so long as they lead you forward. I made a deal with myself to never stop learning and to die the best man I can become. My work is now a representation of me.
I bring this Academy to you for one reason especially: If you are like me, I want to find you. I want to help you. I want to see the change that locksmithing can bring you and I want to help deliver that goal to you. I want you to see how much you can become, and how many times you can exceed your own expectations. Locksmithing changed my life. It gave me purpose and a challenge I couldn’t ignore.

I am not going anywhere soon. (Knock on wood) My current objective for the next couple of decades is to devote my life to improving and refining my online Academy. I plan of taking my dream of educating the future locksmith, as far as I can go. I am nowhere near satisfied with my current progress. I promise to take my projects, your training, our failures, and our successes forward towards the future, and forever. I promise to chart what is new, yet never forget what has been left behind. I will not let you down. This trade is captured in my soul, and I am not whole, without it. Thank you for reading my words.

Eric Duttweiler


My name is Eric Duttweiler. I was born in Woodbridge, Virginia in 1987. My father is a former career-Marine and my mother is a former accountant. I grew-up enjoying taking things apart. Much of my spare time, as a youth, was devoted to problem solving via reverse-engineering. I remember teaching myself how computers worked, and how their programs operated. I generally delve deeper into learning new things; typically, more than most of my friends and family. I love to learn how creations work by taking them apart and then putting them back together again.

After high school, I immediately went to work in the automotive industry. I started as an apprentice-mechanic at Cooper Corvettes in northern Virginia. I spent a total of 15 years, learning as much as I could. I ended my career as an ASE Certified technician. I needed something new to challenge me. That’s when I turned to Locksmithing. Specifically: automotive-locksmithing.

While I was still employed as a mechanic, I began to teach myself how locks worked. I would take friends and family member’s car locks apart. I then explored how to originate their keys. During my research and self-education, I was suddenly exposed to a whole new world of problems and solutions. I became addicted to the chase and pursuit of learning new skillsets and understanding new concepts. Automotive locksmithing never ceases to offer new challenges or lessons to learn. Some of my favorite lessons were learned the hardest ways.

I believe in myself. Through my years of gaining knowledge, I have grown accustomed to challenges and engaging my brain to figure it all out. It is my hope and goal to become the best possible automotive-locksmith I can be! I am in constant need of challenge, lest I feel stagnant and unmoving. One of my goals is to be here for those who need me. I invite your challenges and inquiries. Helping others is also very dear to my heart. Often times, through helping others learn, I learn more about myself and why I am here on Earth.

Please feel free to introduce yourself to me.
Even if the need hasn’t arisen yet, I’ll be here for you.

What will my system solve?

Learn how to sell, close, & persuade people and you can achieve everything you’ve ever wanted in life.

Our system solves the problem of “not knowing how to do a thing.” With our system, we become a trusted mentor/guide, from your pocket. Our system has documented a myriad of vehicle immobilizer-systems and routes to generate successful outcomes. We teach you how to learn the way of breaking cars and equipment into science and equations.

Our system gives the user as much information as they can digest. Again, the system will forever evolve, so long as it is maintained as intended.

It is my belief that a true-scientist must study all data, good or bad, in order to come to a true conclusion. Too many programs or schools, focus on a pieces of information and not the whole pie. An educator should not limit the amount of knowledge they’re willing to pursue, based on the demands of others. A true educator seeks knowledge purely for the act of discovery and documentation. I am that type of educator. And I believe that no-one can teach you Automotive Locksmithing like I can.

The Locksmith Academy is designed to be your pocket-sized virtual mentor and data-base. Consider it, your newest addiction. An absurd amount of technical training data at your finger-tips; where ever you need it to be. The Locksmith Academy will show you routes to generate car keys from: taking locks apart to using lock-decoders. We show how to use programming tools, how to determine which key to use, how to build the keys if you need them, soldering and even EEPROM work.

The Locksmith Academy has one sole purpose: “To document every facet of Locksmithing as the world knows it, in order to preserve the heritage and proper education of the future locksmith.” No data is over-looked, no tool, nor concept. We are willing to explore it all. The Locksmith Academy is always growing and improving. New content is added more often than any other automotive-locksmith training source. We, here, at The Locksmith Academy, believe our work is never done. 

The Locksmith Academy is designed to be your pocket-sized virtual mentor and data-base.

Inside, You’ll Learn How To

Kickstart Your Lucrative Career In Automotive Locksmithing

Build a solid foundation of the tools, knowledge, and skills to build your profitable career in automotive locksmithing.

Generate Unbelievably High Profits

Make loads of cash and turn your life around by learning such a high-value skill.

Become A Certified Automotive Locksmith Fast

Establish credibility by solving all your customer's problems and providing them with the best security possible.

Master The Art Of Making Car Keys

Discover the secret strategies, hacks, and tactics to creating quality car keys in a short amount of time.

Repair Damaged Locks, Fix Broken Keys, And Reclaim Forgotten Combinations

Learn all the fundamental & advanced troubleshooting techniques to help more people, thus, earn more money.

Duplicate Car Keys Like A Pro

Skillfully craft and duplicate car keys as if you’ve been doing it all your life.

Become Proficient With All The Best Tools

Create more space to master your craft and make your job easier, perform things more efficiently, and save more time.

Foster Professional Skills & Attract Unlimited Customers

Dominate your industry and have more leads ready to pay you.

And Many More Lessons On How To Become An Expert Automotive Locksmith And Make A Lot Of Money!

The Locksmith Academy
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The Locksmith Academy will teach you all you need to know about the ins and outs of automotive locksmithing.

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